From our jetty you can goboating, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, fishing, canoeing and supping in no time.

SUP boards; are available for rent at the front desk. You can book these from €15 per half day (4 hours).

Boat rentals: in cooperation with you can reserve a sloop or sailboat. This will then be docked with us in the harbor

  • Sailing boat polyvalk or BM 16m2; max 5 people can be booked from €55 per half day.
  • Electric sloop max 6 people from €185 for the whole day.
  • Various sloops 8, 10 or 12 persons from €235 for the whole day

The Kagerplassen is a system of peat lakes in the north of the Dutch province of South Holland, which is used as a recreational and fishing area. The lakes lie between Warmond, Oud Ade, the Haarlemmermeer and Sassenheim, mostly in the municipality of Teylingen. Bordered by a network of small reed ditches and canals, the lakes are part of the Dutch-Utrecht peat meadow area. There are many and relatively large islands in – and between – the lakes. At Caya Island, there are numerous options for docking and lunch and/or dinner.