Camping with a group

is also possible. For this we have a separate field available with a view of the polder. There is room here for several tents, caravans, campers or folding trailers. Here you also have access to electricity 6 x (10A), a separate sanitary building, you can use the Wifi for free and you will not easily cause a nuisance to the other campers. The field can be booked from 2 nights for a minimum of 15 people. If you come with a group we charge a person price. These are the spots on the other side of the site, shown on the map as 23 through 26. Feel free to contact us and ask about options and availability. Notice: these spots are located next to the A44 bridge. Depending on the wind, you may experience noise pollution!

Castlefest | August 2024 |.

‘Where your fantasy becomes reality’

Every year we make our sports field available to campers attending the Castlefest Festival. So too in 2024. We have a limited number of spots for RVs or caravans, but plenty of spots for small tents. This also allows you to stand with a group together. During this weekend you can book for a minimum of 3 nights. If the weather is bad, we set up a large party tent for general use. These reservations go outside our normal reservation system, so if you want to make a reservation press the contact button to the right.