Hiker tent spot

are camping spots for people who come to the campground walking, biking or by canoe. They are some smaller tent sites that are up to 4m2 and are ideal for a 2 person tent. Arriving on the off chance is always possible, but if your want to be sure, it is best to contact us.

You can moor your boat or just steps away and enjoy the setting sun at the swimming dock. This spot also includes a connection point for electricity, you can put your bike down, and you are close to the sanitary facilities.

Camping with group

is also possible. For this we have a separate field available with a view of the polder. There is room here for several tents, caravans, campers or folding trailers. Here you also have access to electricity 6 x (10A), a separate sanitary building, you can use the Wifi for free and you will not easily cause a nuisance to the other campers. These are the spots on the other side of the grounds, shown on the map as 23 / 24 /25 / 26. Feel free to contact us and ask for the possibilities and availability.